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The AGUA marino casa

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About the AGUA marino casa


ELEMENTO 4 offers you the best solution for clean drinking water in Mallorca

Clean water for everyone in the house!

ELEMENTO 4 AGUA marino casa

Premium house water filter system.

Treat yourself and your family to healthy water of spring water quality. At every tap. For drinking, cooking and showering.







Special product advantages:

  • 3 phases water filtration
  • 5µm sediment filter
  • Dirt filter 5 micron
  • Activated carbon GAC with KDF (activated carbon granulate from the shell of the coconut and KDF kinetic degradation flexion (rapid decomposition and conversion of chemical substances)
  • Filters chlorine and organic pollution such as Woodlice. Converts free chlorine up to 99% into chloride. This filter works reliably to remove cadmium, aluminium, hydrogen sulfide, iron, arsenic, lead, mercury and other inorganic compounds.
  • Activated carbon GAC with silver coating. Unique safety by filtering residues of free chlorine and preventing recontamination of the filtered water
  • Improved taste through water energization.
  • Important minerals are preserved
  • Space-saving installation
  • Ideally used for city water in Mallorca

Microfine security:

  • Filters chlorine and organic pollution such as Woodlice
  • Converts free chlorine up to 99% into chloride
  • Acts reliably in the removal of cadmium, aluminum, hydrogen sulfide, iron, arsenic, lead, mercury and other inorganic compounds
  • Reduction of limescale up to 20 ° dH

Technical Highlights:

  • Compact dimensions, W63xH78xD20cm. Finds a place everywhere
  • Strong performance of approx. 50 liters / minute
  • Water temperature between 4 - 28 ° C
  • Common size with input/output 1 “
  • Long filter intervals between max. 12 and 36 months

The costs:

  • Recommended Sales Price € 1.936,- incl. IVA

The Alternative with CALCAT

ELEMENTO 4 CalCat prevents limescale and reduces corrosion in hot water systems by adding tiny amounts of PURphos to the cold water supply. PURphos is a harmless mixture of minerals that meets the safety requirements for water and stabilizes the hardness minerals in the water system so that they remain in suspension. Instead of being deposited as lime, the minerals are flushed through the system. The recommended minimum maintenance is to change the limescale protection material completely once a year.

Special product advantages:

  • Prevents and reduces limescale
  • Reduces corrosion and protects against "brown" water
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Safe for drinking water and all household appliances
  • Low maintenance costs and effort
  • No waste water
  • No chemistry
  • Environmentally friendly and effective

The costs with the extension:

  • Recommended Sales Price € 2.238,50 incl. IVA

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