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The AGUA verde Filter

You are interested in our AGUA verde filters. The best way to find out whether this filter is the right water filter for you is to have a free, non-binding consultation!

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About the AGUA verde

ELEMENTO 4 offers you the best solution for clean drinking water in Mallorca

Clean water for a small price

ELEMENTO 4 AGUA verde drinking water filter

Healthy tap water. The combination is unique in Mallorca.

Special product advantages:

  • Unique protection against germs.
  • Up to 99% fewer pollutants
  • Less lime problems
  • Drinkable water at spring water level
  • Energizing and vitalizing the water
  • Easy, cheap filter change
  • With LGA certificate
  • Calcium and magnesium are retained
  • Fast payback

Microfine security:

  • 3 phase water filtration
  • Phase 1: 5µm AQUALEN® activated carbon block filter with contamination protection. Reduced: Organic impurities, heavy metals and. chlorine
  • Phase 2:0.8µm AQUALEN® activated carbon block filter with contamination protection; 0.1µm hollow fibre membrane
    Reduced: heavy metals, chlorine, phenols, hormones, antibiotics, harmful bacteria, systems, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides
  • Phase 3:0.8µm AQUALEN® activated carbon block filter with contamination protection. Improved taste through water energization.
  • Important minerals are preserved.

Technical Highlights:

  • Space-saving installation H 340 x W 260 x D 90
  • 2.5 litres per minute
  • PH value approx.7.5
  • Ideally used for city water in Mallorca

The Costs:

  • Recommended retail price € 399, - including IVA and installation
  • Filter change costs € 10 per month incl. IVA and exchange

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