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Water filters for commercial and industries

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About commercial and industrial applications

ELEMENTO 4 offers you the best water filter solution for commercial and industrial plants in Mallorca

Gewerbe und Industrie Anwendung von Wasserfiltern

Optimal solutions for your business

High demands are placed on production security in the industrial environment. Limescale protection is of great importance in all water applications for cooling, heating and cleaning. Reliable system operation increases process reliability and helps save energy costs.

ELEMENTO 4 helps

On the island, we have already made a lot of experience with the Swiss Limescale Protection Product Mediagon. 

Two devices are installed in the Cathedral of Palma. Various hotels in Mallorca now also trust this environmentally friendly water treatment.

Our test service!

Also use our test service, which gives you the opportunity to convince yourself of the performance without having to make a purchase commitment.

The savings effects will also impress you!

An example:

Mediagon limescale protection devices are used worldwide. Mediagon technology is suitable for all industrial systems that use water in the cooling circuit or water as an energy supplier.

You can expect the following advantages:

  • Increase in production security
  • Uniform heat dissipation
  • Less cleaning
  • Improvement of heat transfer
  • Saving energy costs
  • Reduction of maintenance and control effort

Fields of application for this technology:

Air washer

  • Postponing a gradual decline in performance in continuous operation - increasing operational safety
  • Reduction of hard limescale deposits on pipes, spray nozzles and packing elements
  • Less cleaning downtime
  • Easy removal of the soft deposits without aggressive chemicals and without the use of mechanical force

Ion exchanger

  • Depending on the condition and age of the system, the consumption of chemicals is reduced by up to 30%
  • Extension of the performance of the resin.

Additional operational security

With partial softening (bypass system), the admixed hard water is also physically treated. If the system is defective (e.g. no chemical supply, defective valve, wrong regeneration cycle), the water is still partially protected by the physical treatment.

Cooling circuit

  • No temperature and pressure increase in the compressors
  • Increased performance of the system
  • Flawless function of the valves of the two-stage compressor process
  • Increase in production security
  • Saving energy costs
  • Reduction of maintenance and control effort

Cooling of welding machines

  • Increase in production security
  • More even heat dissipation
  • Removable deposits
  • Increased water flow
  • Constant temperature of the electrodes
  • Extended electrode life
  • Reduction of maintenance and control effort
  • Saving energy costs

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