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I am Markus Liebscher and I am looking forward to getting to the bottom of your very own water problems and wishes in a detailed conversation.

Together we will find the perfect water filter solution for you!

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About me and ELEMENTO 4

My team and I offer you the best solution for clean drinking water in Mallorca


Clean water for everyone

In Mallorca, the question quickly arises as to whether it really is necessary to carry around water bottles and produce masses of rubbish every day. According to Greenpeace, there are currently 1,500,000 plastic bottles a day. Used once. I started to study the water in detail.

The topic fascinated me more and more and I realized: We still know far too little about the effects of water of inferior quality on our health.

My passion for water was born.

With ELEMENTO 4 we bring you clean water to your home

I don't want to keep my knowledge to myself. I want to share it and help other people with it; to live a healthier, happier life.

How many positive effects a water filter can have on your life - you will hardly believe it. But I tell you: a water filter will change your life forever for the better.

I was able to follow the changes in my growing clientele and look forward to helping you on your way to a carefree, easy life.

ELEMENTO 4 Water optimization

Simply in harmony with yourself and with the environment

Water is so close to us that its quality has to be close to us. More than that. It is human nature to feel connected to water in a special way. Because humans are 70% water. Only if we consciously use the best water respectfully are we "completely in our element".


■ Powerful

Top drinking water quality, free from pharmaceutical residues, bacteria, chlorine, nitrate, and other pollutants.



Independently functioning drinking and cooking water supply without bottle handling


Ecologically valuable

Sustainable concept without transport, without bottles, without plastic waste



Excellent fixed price / performance ratio


ELEMENTO 4 is a European quality product with TÜV certificate and worldwide patents. The effective water filter has proven itself over years in practice, also in companies and official institutions. Easy integration, function-stable technology and easy filter change make ELEMENTO 4 a sustainable, comfortable solution for pure water with good taste.

Why you can trust us!


Unsatisfied? - Then you get your money back*!

*The Happiness Guarantee is your security for a 14-day return. You will get back the full purchase price of the product. The installation costs will not be reimbursed. The 14-day right of return begins on the day of successful commissioning.

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In a detailed discussion, we will address your problems and wishes and together we will find the perfect solution for you.

We will find the water filter that suits you best.

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