I am Markus Liebscher. On this page I would like to tell you about my passion for water and why ELEMENTO 4 is the best contact for your water treatment on Mallorca.

Let me prove it.

In the beginnging there was water

At least in my professional career. But life is not like a straightened canal, but like a curved river with bends and forks. So it was coincidences and incidents that brought me to the island in 2009 and suddenly back to the water professionally.

For the sake of the environment

That’s good. At ELEMENTO 4, we are passionate about getting as many people as possible away from plastic bottles. Every plastic bottle not produced is a small victory in the fight for a better environment and against CO2 emissions.

Better quality of life

The reactions of our customers make us happy. Drinkable water from the tap or feel-good experiences for skin and hair in the shower are a quality of life that we are making a matter of course again.

Healthy water

Water is also part of our health. Plasticisers in the plastic bottle on the one hand, chlorine or nitrates in the drinking water on the other. Or the challenge of a well with germs or salts. The original water situation and the desired target, what should come out of the pipe afterwards, are the parameters for us to find the right drinking water filtration. And this can vary, because not all water is the same for our customers either.

Solution oriented consulting

Like probably no other, we at ELEMENTO 4 want to provide individual advice and can offer different, sometimes modular solutions for one and the same challenge. This distinguishes us from many other providers who often do not have our diversity. The fact that you as a customer are elementary for us is shown by the numerous positive reviews on the Internet.

We would be happy to take care of your water.

Your Markus Liebscher and the whole ELEMENTO 4 Team