House Water Works

If your water is salinated or your well is contaminated, then we can serve you with special solutions.

Specially and individually configured home osmosis systems can solve different problems. Another variant is extremely fine-pored filtering ultrafiltration. With high-performance systems, you can produce over 120 litres of pure water per minute in the direct-flow process.

systems are characterised by outstanding technology,
user-friendly interface and simple operation, using the best components from lead manufacturers worldwide.

The ultrafiltration systems performs to an absolute value of 0.001 micron for high-end filtration requirements. The systems are controlled fully automatically, supported by electronic flow meters and pressure transducers. The systems also offer full automation and control of the acid and base backwash process to keep the modules clean and ready for further filtration.

The systems are proven to work unattended and smoothly for the most demanding applications.

Ultrafiltration reduces virtually every harmful substance found in tap water.

Removal of particles larger than 0.001 micron

Any sediment particles visible to the naked eye

Chlorine, chloroform and other organic chlorine compounds

Metals and heavy metals: colloidal iron, lead, mercury, copper, aluminium



Nitrates, nitrites

Medicines, including hormones and antibiotics

Harmful bacteria and viruses


In terms of price-performance ratio, the different ultrafiltrations are probably unique worldwide. We will put together the right components for you and make you an individual offer.