AGUA verde

Drinkable water at spring water level

Unique in Mallorca in this combination: our solution for refreshingly delicious drinking water from the tap.

Easy filter change: more about the AGUA verde

Special product advantages:

Drinkable water at spring water level, energisation and vitalisation of the water, calcium and magnesium are retained
Unique protection against germs, up to 99% less pollutants, fewer limescale problems

Easy and non-expensive filter change, with LGA certificate, quick amortisation

Mikrofeine Sicherheit:

  • 3-phase water filtration
  • Phase 1: the 5µm AQUALEN® activated carbon block filter with contamination protection reduces organic contaminants, heavy metals and chlorine.
  • Phase 2: the 0.8µm AQUALEN® activated carbon block filter with germ protection and 0.1µm hollow fibre membrane reduces heavy metals, chlorine, phenols, hormones, antibiotics, harmful bacteria, syssts, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.
  • Phase 3: the 0.8µm AQUALEN® activated carbon block filter with contamination protection. Improved taste due to water energisation.
  • Important minerals are preserved.


In addition to the one-off purchase price of 499.00 EUR including the “Leak-Control” protection module, we recommend an annual exchange of the filter cartridges at a price of 160.00 EUR*. All prices are incl. IVA and installation or replacement service. 

Technical highlights:

  • Space-saving installation (H 340 x W 260 x D 90)
  • 2,5 litres per minute
  • pH-value ca. 7,5
  • Ideal for use with city water in Mallorca
  • On request, including a high-quality and practical three-way water tap made of stainless steel with a special pipe for the filtered water. Hygienically perfect and visually all of a piece. This means you can dispense with the additional water tap. Surcharge: EUR 200.00 incl. IVA

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