Elemento 4 DESITEC

Exceptional salt & water saving whole-house water softener

Not all descalers are the same. Depending on the water quality, different systems and solutions can be used. At Elemento 4, we combine your personal descaling solution under the name DESITEC.

DESITEC is your individual limescale protection in Mallorca

Special product advantages:

2-in-1 water softening & iron removal: With the same volume of ion exchange resin, this softener provides a larger surface area in contact with the water, without channel effect, while the small granules regenerate faster and more efficiently. As a result – removal of a high concentration of iron (Fe) (up to 15ppm)

Longer service life: The efficient and durable thick-walled softening tank is made of homogeneous glass-filled composite material and will serve much longer, e.g. longer than a decade. While classical columns typically serve less than 5 years.


Up to 5 times less water for regeneration: The innovative, patented dual-core valves ensure long-term trouble-free performance with minimal water consumption.


  • Requires up to 30% less salt
  • Specially designed tank contains extra fine mesh & densely pressed chlorine resistant ion exchange resin
  • The design extends increases the overall salt efficiency.
  • Maximum iron reduction, ppm* 10
  • Minimum pH value, standard units 7
  • Water and ambient temperature minimum-maximum, °C 4°-49°.
  • Water pressure minimum – maximum, bar 1.4 – 7
  • Maximum flow rate for discharge during regeneration, L/min 7.6
  • Necessary space cm 40,4 x 48,5
  • Fine resin 28L
  • Savings on maintenance from 120 EUR per year

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