Elemento 4 PURO

Not clean, but pure water

High-quality osmosis plants from European production: It has been possible to take a unique innovative step by means of a completely new system technology and to overhaul the previous plant concepts, which have remained practically unchanged for decades, with a new generation of a reverse osmosis plant.

The human being

The mineral household of humans is predominantly taken into account with the increase in food. And we humans feed ourselves more consciously and healthier. Origin and cultivation play a role. It is even more important that clean water is used during cleaning or preparation. Free from viruses, chlorine or other residues.

Purest water

ELEMENTO 4 has the PURO line in its programme for demanding solutions and customers with special requirements for their drinking water. Special microfilters and membranes ensure that water becomes again what it should be: purest water.

Depending on your needs, you as a customer can choose between different variants.