Wasserfilter Mallorca Elemento 4 Puro 50


High-quality osmosis system from european production.

Easy, hygienic filter change thanks to QuickChange replacement cartridges, incl. membrane. There is no need to clean and disinfect the inside of the housing, as is the case with classic systems with replaceable filter inserts.

Clean water for you! More about the PURO 50

Special product advantages:

AQUALEN® activated carbon blocks, plug & use design, no connection of a separate tank necessary, hygiene protection through sterile filtration directly in front of the withdrawal tap.
Hygiene protection on the inlet side by means of a germ barrier for a longer period of use, use of a hollow fibre membrane in the transition area from microfiltration to ultrafiltration at the last point before water withdrawal.
Low space requirement due to compact design, low inlet pressure possible, from 2 bar, no power connection necessary, Residual emptying guaranteed, water/flushing water ratio remains the same, even with low withdrawal quantity
When changing and rinsing the pre-filters, the membrane can simply be bridged by a PLUG and thus less stressed, all membranes used are NSF certified, filling quantity stability with a constant content of 5 litres

Microfine safety level 1:

A solid AQUALEN® QuickChange carbon block 3µm (activated carbon from coconut) with special matrix fibre structure removes chlorine, heavy metals, organic pollutants, rust, iron, impairing flavours, particles and suspended particles with high efficiency:
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Organic substances
0 %
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Heavy metals
0 %

Microfine safety level 2:

An ultramembrane retains pollutants such as aluminium, magnesium, ammonium, arsenic, sodium, asbestos, nitrates, barium, nickel, benzene, phosphates, lead, beryllium, pesticides, bromine, mercury, radium, chromium, sulphates, dioxins, silver, iron, surfactants, fluoride, trichloroethane, fungicides, toluene, herbicides, hormones, xylene, hydrocarbonates, zinc, insecticides, cadmium, lime, copper, manganese and others like bacteria, viruses, etc.

The costs:

In addition to the one-off purchase price including Leak-Control of EUR 649.00, we recommend an annual exchange of the filter cartridges at a price of 160 EUR. The prices include IVA and installation or replacement service.

Technical highlights:

  • Compact design L/W/H 371x420x190mm
  • Large 5 litre storage tank
  • Also works with low inlet pressure from 2.0 bar
  • Max. Working pressure of up to 6.3 bar possible
  • Inlet water temperature between 5-30°C
  • Max. Flow at 4 bar: 7.8 L/h at 25°C
  • Effective output ratio of 1:4 [das Verhältnis ist abhängig vom Eingangsdruck und der Wassertemperatur]
  • Lightweight with 5.5 kg, complete approx. 6.8 kg, flooded approx. 13.2 kg.
  • 3 connections (quick connectors) at the rear:
  • Water inlet 9.525mm [3/8”] / Outlet and rinse water: 6.25mm [1/4”]

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Wasserfilter Mallorca Elemento 4 Puro 50