Elemento 4 CALCAT

Our limescale protection system with PURphos

PURphos is a harmless mineral mixture that meets the safety requirements for water and stabilises the hardness minerals in the water system so that they remain in suspension and are flushed through the system instead of being deposited as lime. CALCAT can be combined with some of our filter systems.

CALCAT is our efficient limescale protection in Mallorca

Special product advantages:

Prevents and reduces limescale deposits, reduces corrosion and protects against “brown” water, reduces energy costs for certain household appliances.
No waste water, no chemicals, environmentally friendly and effective. Low maintenance costs and effort: only once a year replacement of the PURphos filling.

Just relax.

With our CALCAT limescale protection, household appliances such as washing machines, kettles, instantaneous water heaters, etc. are reliably protected against severe limescale build-up. One less thing to worry about: you can sit back and relax.

Getting started: ELEMENTO 4 CALCAT 13

  • Space-saving installation: height 600 mm / diameter 180 mm
  • Capacity 50 litres per minute
  • Water temperatur 4-28°C
  • Max. water pressure 6 bar
  • In/Out ¾” or 1″
  • High quality 13″ stainless steel case

Acquisition price: EUR 509,00 incl. IVA (plus installation costs)

Special versions:

  • Optionally including pre-filter or as house filter with additional KDF filter against chlorine
  • Additive: Activated carbon GAC with KDF® (activated carbon granulate from the shell of the coconut and KDF Kinetic Degradation Flexion (rapid decomposition and conversion of chem. substances).
    Filters chlorine and organic pollution such as isopods. Converts free chlorine up to 99% into chloride. This filter is reliable in removing cadmium, aluminium, hydrogen sulphide, iron, arsenic, lead, mercury and other inorganic compounds.

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