Which water filter suits you?

Overview of our product lines

AGUA product line: filtration without electricity and waste water

In this segment, we have five different systems for you to choose from.

All models in the AGUA line work according to a similar principle. They differ only in size and places of use. The solutions start with practical “plug&play” filters, so-called table-top devices, through under-sink filters with or without a separate tap, to systems that supply entire flats or houses with clean water.

Numerous patents ensure safe drinking water enjoyment. These AGUA filters do not produce waste water and do not require electricity. With maximum efficiency, you get water of spring water quality. Vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium or sodium remain part of the water and are part of the good, lively taste.

AGUA azul

Our little one for quick, uncomplicated assembly.

AGUA verde

Under-sink built-in filter, ideal for Mallorca city water

AGUA claro

Compact and elegant in stainless steel housing.

AGUA marino

Premium built-in filter for the entire household

AGUA marino casa

The big brother of the AGUA marino with even more power

PURO product line: Purest water for high demands

High-quality osmosis system from european production. It has succeeded in taking a unique innovative step by means of a completely new system technology and in overhauling the previous system concepts, which had remained practically unchanged for decades, with a new generation of a reverse osmosis system.

Special microfilters and membranes ensure that water becomes again what it should be: purest water.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between different variants.


Our little one for quick, uncomplicated assembly.

PURO 100

Untertisch-Einbaufilter, ideal für Mallorca-Stadtwasser

PURO 300

Compact and elegant in stainless steel housing.

PURO direct

Premium built-in filter for the entire household

PURO House system

Your private domestic waterworks in your own four walls.

Effective limescale protection

Our systems prevent limescale deposits and reduce corrosion in hot water systems by adding tiny amounts of PURphos already during the cold water supply.

PURphos is a harmless mineral mixture that meets the safety requirements for drinking water and stabilises the hardness minerals in the water system so that they remain in suspension. In this way, the minerals are flushed trough the system instead of being deposited as lime.

With the annual complete change of the limescale protection filter material, the maintenance effort remains both minimal and manageable in terms of time and financial expenditure.

Calcat Kalkschutz von Elemento 4


Compact and elegant in stainless steel housing.


Unser Kleiner für die schnelle, unkomplizierte Montage.


Untertisch-Einbaufilter, ideal für Mallorca-Stadtwasser

Water filters for trade and industry

Limescale protection is of great importance in all water applications for cooling, heating and cleaning, because reliable functioning of the systems increases process reliability and helps to save energy costs.

Especially in the industrial environment, high demands are placed on production safety, which we can optimally fulfil with our systems.

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