AGUA claro

The compact one for small spaces

Under-sink water filter made of stainless steel in compact design.

Clean water in the smallest space: more about the AGUA claro

Special product advantages:

Innovative filter medium made of ActivatedCarbonComposite ACC with AQUALEN® ion exchange fibre

Stainless steel housing with stainless steel external thread, filter change without tools, no additional water tap required

Broad adsorption spectrum of pollutants with simultaneously low pressure loss, the capacity is increased many times over in comparison.

Dual-composite activated carbon block: The dual-block technology enables, among other things, improved iron retention

Microfine security:

The 10μm/1µm block removes: chlorine (up to 99%), sediments, particles and suspended matter over 1μm, rust particles (>80%), organic contaminants: TOC Total Organic Carbon (phenol, benzene >90%) as indicator substances for organic pollutants, heavy metals (>90%), as well as pesticides, VOC (volatile organic compounds), taste-impairing substances.

The costs:

The purchase price is EUR 577.95 including the “Leak-Control” protection module and spanish IVA. The costs for regular maintenance are variable. We would be happy to advise you on this in a personal meeting or on the phone.

Technical highlights:

The filter blocks are composed of two coaxially arranged blocks with different finenesses (5) and (6). The water flows radially through the outer carbon block and then through the finer inner insert. This increases the absorption capacity compared to conventional filters that remain the same. You do not need an additional tap, but can attach this filter to your existing individual tap.


  • Space-saving installation (height: 420mm, diameter 180mm)
  • 7 litres per minute
  • Water pH value approx. 7.5